Saint Stephen’s Daily Prayer – Saturday, March 21, 2020

Staying Safe and Staying Connected

Good Morning Saint Stephen’s Church,

We continue our life of daily prayer. The Lord be with you.

Today’s Prayer

O Lord…when I find no occasions, at least I want to keep telling You that I love You; it is not difficult and it keeps the fire of love going; even if that fire were to seem wholly out, I should throw little bits of straw on the ashes, little acts of virtue and of charity; and I am sure that, with Your help the fire would be enkindled again.

Thérèse of Liseux, 1897

Thérèse is a beloved Catholic saint who lived from 1873 to 1897. From age 15 onward, she lived as a cloistered Carmelite nun. She died at age 24 from tuberculosis. Following her death, she became known through her writings, including a spiritual autobiography, poems, prayers, and letters.

From Our Prayers of the People

Today, let’s pray:

For the peace and unity of the Church of God; for all who proclaim the Gospel, and all who seek the truth.

For comfort and healing for all who are affected by the Coronavirus, and for physicians, nurses, and all others who minister to the sick and the suffering, may God grant them wisdom and skill, sympathy and patience, and may God keep them healthy and safe.

From the Parish Prayer list, let’s pray for Cindi, Doug, Hugh, Keith, Debby, Sylvia, Peter, Irene, Barbara, Al and Frank

For all the blessings of this life.

For our dioceses in the Anglican Communion: Masvingo (Central Africa) Virgin Islands (The Episcopal Church) Hpa-an (Myanmar)

For one another.

Something to share

Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy.  Sustain and support the anxious, be with those who care for the sick, and lift up all who are brought low; that we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us, from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Amen

Church of England

News and Updates

Lenten Meditation

While we have had other times of uncertainty, we are facing something unlike anything we’ve lived through before, so that the commandment to love has an even deeper meaning. As Christians, we need to reach out in tangible ways to let our neighbors know that they are loved, and part of loving our neighbors is reminding them that they are not alone.  We are in this together.
Loving our neighbors during this unsettling time can be reflected in a variety of ways.  It could be an encouraging phone call to those who are isolated and fearful or making a trip to the grocery story or pharmacy for sick or elderly family, friends, and yet, the neighbor next door.  It is buying supplies to share and not hoard.
Even in these times of social distancing, we can safely reach out in mercy and love. So as we and the entire world live into the weeks ahead, may we commit ourselves to the greatest commandment we’ve received as followers of Jesus; to love God and love neighbor and love neighbor as we love ourselves.

 The Rev. Canon Rosemarie Logan Duncan, Washington National Cathedral

Schenectady Community Ministries Food Pantry, our county’s largest emergency food provider, remains fully operational and it’s volunteer base remains strong, a call has been put out to our respective faith communities to provide an additional three to five additional volunteers each day the food pantry is in operation. The food pantry is located at 839 Albany Street in Schenectady. Contact me  if you are interested in helping.

Here is a video link from Samaritan Counselling Center that that we would like to share about managing anxiety

From our Presiding Bishop:

“On March 15th the Centers for Disease Control recommended the suspension of public gatherings in the U.S. of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks. On March 16th officials of the federal government asked persons in the U.S. to “avoid gatherings of more than 10 people” for the next 15 days.  It is reasonable to assume that some form of recommendations restricting public gatherings will continue for some time.
Considering this changing landscape, I believe that suspension of in-person public worship is generally the most prudent course of action at this time, even during Holy Week and on Easter Day.  I am also mindful that local situations vary. “


If you have an update/news, a prayer or poem or something inspirational you would like us to share with the congregation, please send it to us. Please also send us any prayer requests. We will incorporate these into the Daily Prayer as best we can.

Our church campus is closed. All parish meetings and gatherings are canceled and postponed until further notice.

Our goal is for all of us to stay in touch and connected in this time of isolation.

Share this news, and spread some love, not the virus!

Be of good courage. We are in this together, and we will be together again soon. God bless you and may God be with us in the days ahead.



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