Church Hall Use

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Schenectady, New York

The purpose of Saint Stephen’s Church’s building, grounds, and equipment is to serve its membership, its neighborhood, and the community; to provide for maximum use for the greatest service.


The use of the building, grounds, and equipment shall be confined to religious, educational, social services, and other character-building functions.

General Use Policies


 The users shall be responsible for any security protection needed. In addition, the user shall pay all taxes, fees, or other government charges resulting for the use of the space, with St. Stephens Episcopal Church in no way responsible.

The users and guests shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner keeping with the character of a house of worship building, and shall obey all laws, regulations and ordinances affecting the Church property or the use of space.  This includes a no-smoking policy AT ALL TIMES.

The users and guests of property of St. Stephens Episcopal Church are reminded of the Episcopal Church’s policy that all persons are welcome without regard to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion or creed.  

No Admission Charges or Commercialism

No group or organization shall be permitted to charge admission or conduct fund-raising activities of a commercial nature.

Building Use Form and Keys

All groups using any facility of the Church must complete a Building Use Form and Key Loan Form.  Both should be returned to the priest-in-charge.

Loaning Equipment

parish hall

Loaning equipment such as chairs, tables, dishes, projectors, screens, tools is not encouraged to groups or organizations for use on other sites. However, these items may be borrowed if cleared through the property committee and properly checked out with the priest-in-charge. No items shall be loaned off premise to outside groups and organizations.

Outside Groups & Organizations

 Outside groups and organizations may use the church facilities if their purposes are considered appropriate and if their programs do not conflict with scheduled congregational activities, Decisions concerning appropriateness are determined by the property committee in consultation with the rector. The facilities only will be made available to non-profit organizations.


The facilities of the church shall be made available for members without cost. For nonmembers, the following charges apply:

Church$300 per use
Parish Hall$300 per use
Conference Room$50 per use
Classroom One$25 per use
Classroom Two$25 per use
Classroom Three$25 per use

These fees cover normal use of electricity, temperature control, sexton fee, as well as the general wear and tear on the facilities. Contact the parish office no later than one week before time of use.  Keys will be returned to a church member or put in the office mailbox upon leaving the building.


Equipment shall not be moved from its regular places without authorization. Arrangements must be made to return all equipment to its regular place. All kitchen equipment including dishes and silverware is to be washed, cleaned, and returned to storage areas immediately after use.

Coffee, other refreshments, and containers, etc. must be provided by the user. 


No tacks, nails, tape, or other material that will deface church property shall be used. Flowers, candles, cords, etc., must have bases or stands to support them. Decorations such as streamers shall not be attached to walls or ceilings in a manner that will leave permanent marks.


The facility is a non-smoking facility. There is absolutely no smoking in the building.

If alcohol is served, all local, state, and federal laws concerning alcohol use must be observed.

The Vestry reserves the right to charge for damages of facilities and equipment.
The Vestry reserves the right to restrict the privileges of anyone who violates these policies.

Parish Office –  346-6241 or

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