Of some local interest…

SiCM: Schenectady Community Ministries. Operates the Emergency Food Pantry and other stuff.
Allison DeKanel’s blog, member of St. Stephen’s Church
Chris Jones member of St. Stephen’s Church
First Reformed Church, Schenectady.
Liz Zivanov, formerly of Schenectady, is rector of The Parish of St. Clement in Hawaii. They have a nice web site, and you can even read her recent sermons!

Episcopal/Anglican stuff…

National Church Website ECUSA.
Diocese of Albany
CROP Walk for the Hungry
Episcopal Church Women
Episcopal News Service News and opinion; a kind of online newspaper of Episcopalian things
House of Bishops and Deputies They have a lot of “stuff” going back and forth. You can peek over their shoulders, so to speak, by becoming a “kabitzer” member.
The Anglican Communion. The “official” portal for the world-wide Anglican communion.
Book of Common Prayer
Anglicans Online. A wealth of information…
The Anglican Journal. First published as the Dominion Churchman in 1875. Anglican Journal is the national newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada. It has an independent editorial policy and is published by the Anglican Journal Board of Directors.
Episcopal Cafe. Lots of writings about the current state of TEC.

Other sites of interest

Lectionary page.
Episcopal Relief and Development: A Ministry of the Whole Church for the Whole World (800) 334-7626 ext. 5129
Calendar, all the Saints, and all about them… More than (probably) you ever wanted to know, but very interesting
Oremus Bible Browser
Sojourners is a Christian ministry whose mission is to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice. You can get on their e-mail list for now-and-then good stuff.
Daily Recovery Readings. Meditations and prayers for those in recovery.
Barbara Crafton’s Geranium Farm pages… for a change in pace.
Read the Spirit.All about spiritual connection.
Agros. Our Mission Statement: Agros exists to restore hope and opportunity to the world’s poor.

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