Our Committees

Non-Standing Committees

Service Committee

In keeping with the mission of St. Stephen’s Congregation, the Service Committee seeks to help individuals in need locally and globally, through the SICM program, local schools and Episcopal Relief & Development.  Our objective is to put our Christian intentions into action in our community by enlisting the personal effort of our members. 


Richey Woodzell
Kathy Condon
Linda Emaelaf
Carole Merrill-Mazurek
Marti Spang

Worship Committee

The worship committee assists the rector in planning and evaluating the liturgies of the parish
in order to enrich the experience of all worshipers and to encourage greater participation.


Allison de Kanel – cp
Susan Lohnas
Doreen May
Doug Lohnas
Vicki Hoshko Carolyn Morin

Pastoral Care Committee

Although ‘pastoral care’ may sound like something that only parish clergy do, it is considerably more than just that. At St. Stephen’s pastoral care includes the care and concern of all members of the community for one another. Our priest and Eucharistic Visitors are honored to visit and to take communion to those who are homebound or in hospitals or nursing homes.


Carole Merrill-Mazurek – cp
Doreen May

Fellowship Committee

Seeks to help build and strengthen the Parish Family through community activities, especially
with food.


Linda Emaelaf – co-chair

Carole Merrill-Mazurek – co-chair

Erin Cohen

Health and Safety Committee

Will continue to monitor the ongoing COVID health and safety protocol and make changes as needed. Will establish rules and regulations to keep parish members and visitors safe.


Doreen May, cp

Standing Committees

Rector Search Committee

The temporary committee is conducting the search for our next Rector. We will create a parish profile, conduct interviews and present a candidate to the Vestry.


Susie Olsen – cp
Budd Mazurek
Jean Stefanski
Keith Nelson
Marti Spang
Sal Belardo
Priscilla Sprague

Finance/ Endowment Committee

The Finance Committee shall
(a) manage the financial activities of the Church other than the raising of funds and the
(b) supervise the collection, disbursements and records of accounts of the Parish;
(c) prepare the annual budget, and
(d) recommend the appointment of auditors.

The Finance Committee shall
(a) ensure that St. Stephen’s Church buildings and contents are insured against fire and other
customary hazards;
(b) purchase general liability insurance on St. Stephen’s Church premises and on its motor
vehicles, if any;
(c) secure and maintain other kinds of insurance as may be reasonably required, all pursuant
to the direction of, and in amounts fixed by, the Vestry, and
(d) provide an annual report to the Vestry of each of the insurance policies, the current
coverage amounts, and the premiums.

The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee.

The Endowment Committee shall deposit and invest and reinvest all gifts and bequests of
money, including any proceeds received from the sale of real or personal property and securities
made and received as an Endowment. Monies from such an Endowment shall be used to support
the purpose identified by the gift or bequest, or for a specific purpose as the Vestry may direct.


? cp
Denise Crates tres.
Marti Spang – endwm tres.
Austin Spang
Sal Belardo
Jean Stefanski Basil Dewdney Jason Cohen

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee shall
(a) assist the Rector in maintaining staff position descriptions,
(b) recommend and oversee compliance of personnel policies,
(c) conduct performance reviews of the Rector,
(d) ensure there are provisions for performance reviews of all employees, and
(e) make salary recommendations to the Finance Committee.


Linda Emalaef cp
Dan Schuldt
Carole Merrill-Mazurek
Erin Cohen

Nominations Committee

a) The Nominations Committee shall consist of the Junior Warden and the Vestry members
whose terms expire in the following year (not at the upcoming Annual Meeting, but at the
subsequent Annual Meeting).
b) It shall be the duty of the Nominations Committee to supply names of eligible candidates for
the position of Warden, Vestry members, and Diocesan Convention Delegates and Alternates
for the Annual Meeting and also for such Vestry vacancies as may occur at times other than the Annual Meeting.
c) Vestry Members who will be completing their term of office, and are eligible to serve again (see Article V, Section 3), and wish to be considered for nomination, must declare their interest to the Nominations Committee by the adjournment of the October Regular Vestry Meeting.
d) The Nominations Committee will present the slate to the Vestry at the regular November meeting. The final slate will then be presented for elections at the upcoming January Annual Meeting


Jean Stefanski, cp

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The duties of the Buildings and Grounds Committee shall be:
(a) to supervise the care and maintenance of the buildings, grounds & equipment of the
(b) to prepare recommendations for repair, renewals and replacements of buildings and
(c) to monitor contracts for maintenance, repair and replacements of buildings and grounds
equipment and machines.
(d) to carry out projects approved by the Vestry


George Woodzell – temporary cp*
Sal Belardo
Keith Nelson
Austin Spang
Doug Lohnas
Ronald Stefanski

Communications Committee

The duties of the Communications Committee shall be:
(a) to oversee communication between the church and its members through print and electronic mediums.
(b) to promote the church and church-sponsored events to the surrounding community.
(c) to develop o a public relations or communications plan for both church members and for the surrounding community.
(d) to coordinate contacts between the church and the media in the Capital Region
(e) to provide counsel and direction to ministries within the church about how to promote the events and services these ministries provide for the congregation.


Dan Schuldt – cp
Bethany Schuldt

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