Our Leaders

James, Rector
Dennie, Assisting Priest
Pat, Deacon
Bethany, Youth Education
Doug and Susan, Music Program
Chris and Laura, Nursery School

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Church Staff The Rev. Dr. James R. McDonald, Rector,
The Rev. Dennie Bennett, Assisting Priest,
The Rev. Patricia L. Jones, Deacon,
Allison de Kanel, Lay Reader,
Bethany Schuldt, Christian Education Director, Office Manager,
Susan Lohnas, Organist,
Douglas Lohnas, Choir Director,
Laura Bynon and Chris Quinn, Nursery School
Joe and Donna White, Custodians

Office: 1229 Baker Avenue, Schenectady, NY 12309
Office: Office@St-Stephens.Church or 518-346-6241
Nursery School: 518-598-4237

The Vestry

Sr. Warden, Liz Varno; Jr. Warden, vacant
Clerk: Elissa Prout; Treasurer: Denise Crates

Vestry Class of 2020
Theresa Fay, Denise Crates, Erin Cohen
Vestry Class of 2021
Dan Schuldt, Jean Stefanski, Doreen May
Vestry Class of 2022
Vicki Hoshko, Carole Merrill-Mazurek. Budd Mazurek

The Rector’s email is: james.ross.mcd@gmail.com
Our website is
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SaintStephensSchenectady

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